Safe & Secure Climate Controlled Storage Units

Are you planning to store your stuff for several months or years? Temperature levels in Charleston, South Carolina can vary quite a bit during that time, so it’s always a good idea to pick climate control to stash away your belongings. Just because the weather is mild now doesn’t mean it will stay as such in the future.
To illustrate, no musician would ever leave the guitar or keyboard in the car for prolonged periods, because extreme temperatures - and heat in particular - might cause irreversible damage to the instruments. Another situation in which you may find yourself looking for climate controlled self storage units is when trying to store wine bottles away from the elements - especially if you are planning on storing very expensive wines. Take a look at a few other motives for renting climate controlled storage units.
When you need commercial or student storage
Books, magazines, photographs and documents all tend to slowly darken, turn a shade of yellow and break down in extreme temperatures. Keeping ideal conditions inside the unit will help make sure these important items don’t age faster than you’d like to.
If there is too much heat or cold
A climate controlled unit eliminates the effect that extreme weather has on sensitive items. Our team has updated the storage units and equipped them to manage anything that may represent a danger to your possessions.
If you plan on storing valuable items
Collectibles, wine collections, and anything with monetary or sentimental value is worth taking extra measures. Our climate controlled storage units are secure and enclosed inside our facility, which is under 24-hour video surveillance.
Our brand new storage facility is also highly convenient, offering a nice location in the North Central neighborhood on King Street. As one of our customers, you will be able to use our cargo elevator, drive-in loading area, dollies, and carts for easy loading and unloading.
It doesn’t matter if you want to store antiques, artwork, or furniture - no storage company around Charleston compares to ours when it comes to solving the storage needs of renters in a safe way. Our friendly team will be happy to give you a tour of the climate controlled units so you can see why our customers love them so much!